Automated Bitcoin Inscription Service OrdinalsBot Raises $1 Million

In a significant development for the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem, OrdinalsBot has successfully procured more than $1 million in seed funding. Founded only earlier this year, on February 7, 2023, the platform quickly set itself apart by becoming the premier automated inscription service in this niche sector. Through its groundbreaking features, OrdinalsBot is democratizing access to inscriptions on Bitcoin for an expansive audience.

The funding round witnessed substantial financial backing from renowned ventures such as Kestrel 0X1, Lightning Ventures, and UTXO Management (the investment segment of BTC Inc, which is also responsible for publishing Bitcoin Magazine and hosting the Bitcoin conference). Alongside these, Bitcoin Frontier Fund, Angsana Investments, and Deep Ventures joined the fray. An array of esteemed individuals like Sebastien Borget, Howard Morgan, Micah Spruill, Ivan Brightly, and Dillon Healy also contributed, signifying wide-ranging confidence in OrdinalsBot’s trajectory. Novum Insights, MetaLink Capital, Louis Curran, Digital Phoenix Group, James Haft, and PAL Capital also facilitated the funding.

Combining the tangible assets of venture firms with the strategic prowess of individual backers, this round underscores OrdinalsBot’s latent potential for exponential growth and innovation in the Bitcoin Ordinals arena. Brian Laughlan, co-founder of OrdinalsBot, remarked, “Together with our investors and the recent seed funding, we are shaping one of the premier infra companies on Bitcoin.”

OrdinalsBot unveiled its Software Developer Kit (SDK) recently. This launch provides developers an arsenal of robust tools, enabling them to integrate Ordinals functionalities effortlessly into their ventures, paving the way for a surge in innovation in the Bitcoin Ordinals domain.

OrdinalsBot has simplified the often-daunting process of inscribing on Bitcoin. Its inscription API, which is gaining traction, stands testament to its commitment to making Ordinals accessible to everyone.

Armed with the considerable funds from this round, OrdinalsBot is set to broaden its API offerings and amplify its inscription services. This will undoubtedly enhance the reach and functionality of Ordinals at large. As the horizon broadens, OrdinalsBot is well-placed to elevate both users and developers within the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem.