Bitcoin Developer Mailing List Migrates To Google Groups

Today, moderators of the mailing list for Bitcoin developers, Ruben Somsen, Bryan Bishop, and Warren Togami, announced the migration of the mailing list to Google Groups.

“The bitcoin-dev mailing list has migrated from where it was originally hosted, to Linux Foundation, to OSUOSL, and now it is migrating to Google Groups,” said Bitcoin developer Bryan Bishop.

Subscribers to the existing mailing list are urged to take action promptly, as emails to the old list will no longer be accepted as of February 2024. Invitations to join the new Google Groups platform will be sent out to all current subscribers, enabling seamless transition to the updated system. The new mailing list location will be accessible here.

For those who missed the invitation or prefer to subscribe manually, alternative options are provided, including email subscription or online interface registration using a Google account. “If you missed the invite and want to subscribe manually you have two options,” the announcement stated. “You can send an email to [email protected] and then send a reply to the automated email you’ll receive (check your spam folder). Alternatively, you can also subscribe through the online interface at, using a Google account (not the same as gmail – you can create a Google account with any email address you like).”

The announcement also emphasized the importance of staying opted in to receive all messages, to facilitate active participation and maintain continuity in conversations to ensure that replies are threaded together properly.

Furthermore, the migration ensures the preservation and accessibility of archived mailing list contents (no Google account required) with backups available externally, where the old mailing list can be viewed. It is important to note that the moderators “aren’t relying on Google for anything critical here and are merely using them as a conduit for information that is already meant to be public.”

The mailing list moderators also want to remind participants to make sure posts are relevant to everyone in order to maintain a good signal-to-noise ratio. A list of the mailing list rules, which remain unchanged, can be be found here. Moderators can be reached at [email protected].