Bitcoin Magazine Books Announces New Release: ‘Fiat Ruins Everything’ By Jimmy Song

In April 2023, Bitcoin Magazine announced the launch of its new publishing branch, Bitcoin Magazine Books. The publishing arm of the company has already published five popular books by notable authors and is adding a well-known and prolific author to its lineup.

Jimmy Song is a seasoned Bitcoin developer, educator and entrepreneur with more than two decades of programming experience. In his new book, “Fiat Ruins Everything”, Song explores the ubiquitous debasement of money and how Bitcoin can fix the broken incentive structure of the financial system and society at large. The book leads readers to discover how Bitcoin offers the opportunity for a brighter future.

“As I delved into the intricacies of our modern systems’ decline, I realized that the erosion of value is not just monetary—it’s a pervasive force impacting every aspect of our lives. ‘Fiat Ruins Everything’ is an unflinching examination of this reality, but it’s also a beacon of hope. By exploring Bitcoin’s potential, we uncover a path towards restoring value, trust, and freedom in our world.” — Jimmy Song.

“Fiat Ruins Everything” offers a deep analysis into the various ways that almost all aspects of civilization have been debased thanks to fiat currency. Song presents this critique as a wakeup call for the average person to build awareness of the root issues of decaying culture, from eroding wages and diminishing quality of life to the erosion of community bonds and personal well-being. But the book does not stop with the negative aspects of society’s trajectory; Song offers a compelling argument for why Bitcoin holds the potential to reverse these trends.

“The modern world’s systems are showing cracks, and ‘Fiat Ruins Everything’ shines a spotlight on the underlying issues plaguing our society,” said Ellen Sullivan, Publisher of Bitcoin Magazine Books. “Jimmy Song’s analysis offers readers at all levels a way to understand why Bitcoin can be a catalyst for positive change.”

In addition to “Fiat Ruins Everything,” Song is the author of several other influential works, including “Programming Bitcoin”, “The Little Bitcoin Book”, “Thank God for Bitcoin”, and “Bitcoin and the American Dream”. He has served as a lecturer at the University of Texas, an expert witness in legal cases involving Bitcoin, and as an advisor to multiple companies. Through his weekly newsletter, “Bitcoin Tech Talk”, and his podcast, “Bitcoin Fixes This”, Song continues to share his expertise and insights with the broader community.

“Fiat Ruins Everything” is currently available for pre-order through the Bitcoin Magazine Books online store with an official release date of September 27, 2023.

Jimmy Song will be signing books at the Bitcoin Amsterdam conference, taking place at Westergas on October 12-13, 2023. This gathering will be a perfect place for attendees to connect with the author and discuss the book’s themes.