Bitcoin Magazine Editorial Policy on Bitcoin Tokens

The creation of arbitrary tokens on top of the Bitcoin protocol is by no means new.

In Bitcoin’s now 15-year history, there have been many attempts to create compatible protocols that leverage the data storage provided by Bitcoin nodes in an attempt to allow the creation of new cryptocurrencies and crypto assets. There have also been numerous attempts to market these assets to the public via sales, mining schemes, or more creative issuances.

However, in response to the heightened market activity surrounding the BRC-20 protocol, we feel the need to take this opportunity to reassert Bitcoin Magazine’s Editorial positioning.

Effective January 2024:

Bitcoin Magazine remains open to platforming dialogue on token standards – From the early days of Counterparty to modern attempts to use Lightning for asset issuance (Taproot Assets, Synonym, RGB), Bitcoin Magazine has always reported on new bitcoin-based token protocols in its news and opinion articles.

As Bitcoin token standards are a technical concept, representing the scientific debate on the limits and potential of the network, we hold that discussing these protocols and increasing understanding of their functioning is in the public interest.
As such, we will continue to publish content on these protocols, the differences between said protocols, as well as how they compare to offerings in the wider crypto market.Bitcoin Magazine remains opposed to platforming dialogue on the market activity of Bitcoin tokens or token issuers – Bitcoin Magazine will uphold its long-standing policy of refraining from covering the market performance of both Bitcoin assets and Bitcoin asset issuers. This will extend to discussing exchange listings and market movements, even when referenced in unrelated news and opinion content.Bitcoin Magazine remains open to platforming dialogue on novel issuance and market distribution mechanisms utilized by Bitcoin token issuers. This includes potential advances in their minting, auctioning, and distribution tactics, as well as the various technical and regulatory ramifications of these methods. Bitcoin Magazine remains open to platforming dialogue and critiques about our policies and their validity. We believe the aforementioned policies offer the greatest benefit to our reader while minimizing the risk of consumer harm, but welcome critical feedback. Submissions can be sent to: [email protected].

This policy clarification does not apply to our stablecoin or Ordinals coverage.

Further, it pertains only to and its Print publication, and does not represent policies enforced by the Bitcoin Magazine social media team, the Bitcoin conference, Rare BTC or UTXO Management, the institutional fund owned and operated by BTC Inc, and which may have exposure to various Bitcoin-based tokens or token issuers.