Goodbye Kabosu: Dogecoin’s Beloved Shiba Inu Mascot Passes Away

In an emotional announcement through its X account, Dogecoin confirmed the passing of Kabosu, the beloved dog that became the face of the popular cryptocurrency. According to the post, Kabosu passed away peacefully on the morning of May 24th at 7:50 am, surrounded by care and comfort.

“Today Kabosu, our community’s shared friend and inspiration, peacefully passed in the arms of her person. The impact this one dog has made across the world is immeasurable. She was a being who knew only happiness and limitless love. Please keep her spirit and her family in your heart, and most importantly carry her with you as your story continues – we are all fortunate for hers to have touched and shaped ours. Thank you, Pumpkin!” the post reads.

Dogecoin’s Beloved Shiba Inu Dies At Age 17

Kabosu, a Shiba Inu, became an internet sensation due to her distinctively alert and endearing expression, which was captured in a photograph by her owner. This image later became the iconic face of Dogecoin, symbolizing the playful spirit of the digital currency that was originally created as a joke.

Kabosu’s likeness helped fuel the meme-driven rise of Dogecoin, which has since evolved into a significant player within the cryptocurrency community. The official blog post shared by Dogecoin recounts the serene moments leading up to Kabosu’s passing:

“Last night as usual, [Kabosu] ate rice and drank plenty of water too. From the window, the soft light shone in, outside the window the birds sang on a beautiful morning, while I stroked her like she was sleeping, she passed away quietly.”

The blog also highlighted the deep bond between Kabosu and her owner, who expressed profound gratitude towards everyone who cherished Kabosu over the years: “For a long time, Kabosu was loved by all of you, and for that, I am really thankful. Kabosu was the happiest dog in the world, and I was the happiest owner. She is still now, smiling and wagging her tail, staying close to me.”

Kabosu was adopted by Japanese kindergarten teacher Atsuko Sato from a pet shelter in 2008, after being rescued from a puppy mill. Her serene and slightly amused expression in a 2010 photograph posted online caught the eyes of netizens, leading to widespread meme circulation.

The meme popularity ultimately inspired the creation of Dogecoin in December 2013. The founders of Dogecoin, Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, chose Kabosu’s image for the logo of their new cryptocurrency to reflect its fun and friendly ethos, markedly different from the more serious tone of other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Dogecoin has since witnessed significant growth, both in value and in its community, with Kabosu’s image at the forefront, symbolizing both the whimsy and the unexpected success of the digital currency.

Dogecoin’s community has expressed widespread condolences. Sato announced a farewell party: “We will be holding a farewell party for Kabo-chan on Sunday, May 26th. It will be held at Flower Kaori in Kotsu no Mori, Narita City, from 1pm to 4pm.”

At press time, DOGE traded at $0.1585.