Mash And TFTC Partner Launch New Publisher Monetization Products Powered By Bitcoin & Lightning

Today, Mash and TFTC announced they have joined forces to shake up online media monetization and user engagement, introducing a suite of tools powered by Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. This partnership also marks the relaunch of the TFTC publishing platform, now featuring curated content from authors like Parker Lewis, Jordan Schachtel, and Whitney Webb.

Historically, online media monetization has relied on advertising and subscriptions, with the only form of multi-user engagement being traditional comment sections. However, these legacy methods have proven unsustainable, inflexible, and less valuable to users and businesses. Mash and TFTC’s new solutions aims to shift the way online content platforms operate.

At the forefront of this is Mash’s “Reactions” product. It allows users to interact with content by adding their sentiments and opinions directly to the page, using imagery and animations. These reactions can be both free and paid-for with micro-payments, made possible by the Lightning Network. The goal of Reactions is to increase user engagement, time-on-site, and introduce a new revenue source to support high-quality content.

“Publishers and creator experiences have been trapped in single-player mode, causing the community to bifurcate elsewhere, including sites like Reddit,” said Mash CEO Jared Nusinoff. “Our new Reactions product is the first step to bring the entire user experience and multiplayer mode back to the site, where all stakeholders including the creators benefit and earn for the value they provide.”

In addition to Reactions, Mash has introduced a new on-page engagement hub for users to engage with content through voting, monetary contributions, and donations. They are also preparing to launch a transparent revenue-sharing model that distributes funds to all stakeholders, including the site owner, creators, contributors, and other staff.

TFTC has undergone a full redesign and expansion to offer more topics beyond Bitcoin, welcoming prolific authors like Robert Bryce, Parker Lewis, Jordan Schachtel, and Whitney Webb. This partnership with Mash allows them to provide curated, high-quality content on various topics while ensuring fair and efficient monetization.

“Our audience has been craving curated, quality content beyond bitcoin,” said Marty Bent, CEO of TFTC. ”The partnership with Mash allows us to be able to provide these experiences because of the new ways you can monetize and share revenue with contributors fairly and easily. We’re ecstatic to partner with Mash and showcase a new approach to make content broadly available and properly monetized”

The limited beta for these publisher monetization products is now live with select publishing partners and platforms, and interested parties can join the waitlist to be part of this transformative journey.