Pro-XRP Lawyer Holds Warren Responsible For Partisan Crypto Stance

Amidst the economic challenges in the global landscape, crypto advocate and popular Pro-XRP lawyer John E. Deaton has publicly targeted US Senator Elizabeth Warren, holding her accountable for the current administration’s anti-innovation approach to digital currencies. 

Deaton’s crique suggests that Warren’s influence has exacerbated regulatory uncertainties hindering the growth and advancement of the cryptocurrency sector during a period of unfavorable economic conditions.

Elizabeth Warren Is To Blame For Anti-Innovation Stance On Crypto

According to John E. Deaton, US Senator Elizabeth Warren, his election opponent in the upcoming election, is solely to blame for the present administration’s anti-innovation approach to crypto.

Warren, best known for her disdain for the digital asset and blockchain industry, has been making efforts to fight against cryptocurrency by introducing an anti-crypto bill and building an army to combat the use of these assets. As a result, Deaton believes Warren’s efforts have made crypto appear as a partisan issue, which under any circumstances should not be classified as one.

The pro-XRP lawyer further blasts the US senator that instead of devoting her time to combat all the problems in the real world, she wishes to devote her time and efforts to keeping 93 million Americans from being owners of a specific asset class.

The post read:

With all the real-world problems that we face (immigration, inflation, debt, opioid addiction, affordability of housing and health care, foreign wars, etc.), Senator Warren wants to focus her time and energy on preventing 93 million Americans from owning a particular asset class.

Given Warren‘s seeming obsession with crypto regulation, Deaton claims she does not understand what matters to voters. “It is truly mind-boggling, she is out of touch with what voters care about,” he stated.

Thus he has urged the US citizens and digital asset community to assist him in taking down Warren in the upcoming elections by heading down to his campaign website to support his campaign.

Addition Criticism From Top Figures

Deaton’s post came in response to SkyBridge Capital’s founder Anthony Scaramucci’s post who has also delved into the matter, blasting Warren and incumbent US President Joe Biden for their miniature view of crypto voters.

Scaramucci highlighted it is irrational that senior democrats like Biden and Warren think there are not many supporters of digital assets and that it is pointless to attack the sector and attempt to drive them out of the US. Meanwhile, data from Google shows that there are about 93 million crypto holders in the US, compared to the 65 million dog owners in the country. 

Should 1% of these holders decide to vote, that over 930,000 votes that Warren and Biden have lost, which might even be more than that. “This level of arrogance with this tight of an election is astonishing,” Scaramucci added.

San Fransisco-based crypto exchange Coinbase has also voiced concerns about the partisan view on digital assets claiming it is time to elect candidates who prioritize these assets over partisan politics.