Shiba Inu Partner Unveils New Frontier In Token Trading

D3 Global, a well-known DNS domain provider and Shiba Inu’s partner, has officially launched the beta version of its D3 Marketplace. This platform introduces a novel way of trading SHIB Name Tokens.

The D3 Marketplace now allows users to buy, sell, or make offers on Name Tokens, focusing initially on Shiba Inu-themed top-level domain (TLD) names. Current supported TLDs include .shib and .core, with early glimpses suggesting a streamlined transaction process directly integrated into the Web3 ecosystem.

“D3 Marketplace Beta is Live! D3gens, the D3 Marketplace has officially launched in beta, and you can now buy, sell and make offers on Name Tokens,” announced D3 via a post on X, highlighting the immediate availability of the platform for users eager to partake in this new trading experience.

What The Shiba Inu Army Can Expect

A detailed examination of the marketplace shows it features a user-friendly search box, allowing potential buyers to check the availability of specific TLD names. Once a name is selected, it can be acquired for approximately $10 for an annual subscription, with payment options including both cryptocurrencies and traditional credit cards.

A standout feature of the marketplace is its support for payments using Shiba Inu ecosystem tokens—SHIB and BONE. This capability is enabled through Shibarium, a layer that facilitates transactions without the need for bridging these tokens to the Ethereum network, thereby simplifying the payment process.

This initiative began back in December 2023 when Shiba Inu pioneered the integration of a TLD within the global cryptocurrency market. Following this trailblazing step, other major crypto projects like, Casper Network, Core Network, and Viction joined hands with D3 to establish their respective TLDs.

“The Shib Name can be used as a username on web3 cross-platforms, multi-chain wallet address, and infrastructure identifier, among others,” the company elaborated on the utility of the Shib Name Tokens. These tokens are designed to function as universal identifiers across the decentralized web, simplifying user interactions across various blockchain applications.

Furthermore, the Shib Name Tokens have already demonstrated strong market interest. On the first day of sales in March, thousands of names were purchased, including highly sought-after ones like ‘my*shib,’ which fetched $2,000. D3 has set the standard registration price at $10 per year, with premium features available at higher tiers.

D3 anticipates that the beta phase of the marketplace will continue for several months. This period will allow the team to identify and rectify any technical issues before proceeding to the mainnet launch, though an official launch date remains undisclosed at this time.

At press time, SHIB traded at $0.00002423.