Shiba Inu Team Member Declares Altcoin Season A Time For Shibarium To Shine

As the cryptocurrency industry moves toward a thriving altcoin Season, popular Shiba Inu team member and marketing lead Lucie has proclaimed the season is the perfect time to showcase the potential of Shibarium, the project’s layer 2 blockchain solution, to the larger cryptocurrency community. In this statement, Lucie positions Shibarium as a major participant in the altcoin boom by highlighting its distinct benefits and technological advancements.

Altcoin Season: A Golden Opportunity For Shiba Inu’s Shibarium Capabilities

On Wednesday, Shiba Inu marketing head Lucie shared her insights on the much-anticipated altcoin season and its impact on the project’s ecosystem. According to Lucie, Altcoin season is a thrilling time when altcoins frequently perform better than Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency asset, which presents a fantastic opportunity for Shibarium and the ShibArmy.

The post read:

Altcoin season is an exciting period when alternative crypto often outperforms Bitcoin. For Shibarium and the ShibArmy, it is a fantastic opportunity.

During altcoin season, Lucie pointed out that funds tend to move from Bitcoin to altcoins such as SHIB, SHEB, BONE, LEASH, and other Shibarium tokens. This shift in investment will potentially trigger the value of these altcoins considerably. Thus Shibarium may become more widely used and benefit the ecology, due to its distinct qualities.

Another aspect highlighted by Lucie to be triggered by the altcoin season is Shiba Inu’s community power. In the course of the period, the fervor of the ShibArmy may fuel more visibility and appeal of Shibarium tokens.

The altcoin season will also cause an increase in trading volume and liquidity, according to the marketing head. “Higher trading volume means more liquidity, making it easier to trade Shibarium tokens,” she stated.

Lastly, Lucie advocates the growth of the layer 2 solution during the altcoin season, as the excitement may encourage Shibarium’s growth and innovation, which would benefit the entire crypto community.

As a result, the Shiba Inu team member believes that making money during the altcoin season is not all to consider but also an opportunity to establish Shibarium‘s reputation in the cryptocurrency space and highlight its potential.

How To Determine Altcoin Season

Lucie has also identified several factors to observe in order to determine when an altcoin season begins. The first aspect to watch out for is the investors’ interest in Bitcoin and the optimism around its price when the bull cycle starts.

When Bitcoin appreciates, it attracts all of the attention and capital for a period. After experiencing significant increases, investors sell some Bitcoin to lock in profits, thereby looking for the next big investment, turning their attention towards altcoins, triggering an altcoin season.

With more investors shifting their investments towards the altcoin market, prices will increase significantly, surpassing Bitcoin’s performance in the period. “So, a bull run starts with Bitcoin, then money flows into altcoins, creating altcoin season where altcoins surge in value,” she added.