Shinobi Joins Bitcoin Magazine as Technical Editor

Bitcoin privacy researcher Shinobi is joining Bitcoin Magazine as Technical Editor.

With a long history of contributions to the Bitcoin development conversation, Shinobi will seek to enhance the publication’s ability to elevate ongoing technical discussions at a time when navigating the extensive variety of proposals is more difficult than ever.

Shinobi has previously received a grant from Bitcoin payments startup Strike, and has served as Technical Advisor to the popular industry podcast What Bitcoin Did.

“Bitcoin Magazine’s decision to bring Shinobi on board as Technical Editor underscores its dedication to providing readers with accurate, timely, and in-depth coverage of the evolving technical landscape of Bitcoin,” said Editor-in-Chief Mark Goodwin.

Shinobi’s work to date has involved exploring privacy solutions such as CoinJoin and other techniques that obfuscate the origin and destination of Bitcoin transactions. Further, his work has shed light on how Bitcoin transactions can be made more private and fungible, crucial qualities for a digital currency aiming to be widely adopted.

“I am very excited and looking forward to the opportunity to help steer the conversation in the community away from memeing and infighting and towards constructive consideration of the many options we have to solve Bitcoin’s engineering challenges,” Shinobi said.

Overall, Bitcoin Magazine remains committed to maintaining an open platform for discourse on Bitcoin, meaning Shinobi will be tasked with ensuring consistent Editorial standards are applied to all community submissions on a go-forward basis.

Bitcoin Magazine is open to all contributors interested in joining the Bitcoin discussion, with our editors able to be reached at editors@bitcoinmagzine