THNDR Targets $95 Billion Gambling Sector With New Bitcoin Lightning API

Today, THNDR has unveiled its latest innovation, Clinch — an API designed to enable instantaneous, borderless, low-fee, peer-to-peer wagering using the Bitcoin Lightning Network, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. Recognizing the pain points of traditional competitive gaming platforms, such as high buy-ins, slow payouts, and regional restrictions, Clinch aims to redefine the landscape of competitive gaming utilizing Bitcoin.

The launch of Clinch comes as a response to the challenges faced by gamers, both casual and professional, in the traditional gaming space. High buy-in requirements, often demanding users to deposit $20 or more, have been a barrier to entry for many players, particularly those in emerging markets and developing regions. Clinch shatters these barriers by allowing users to place wagers for as little as one satoshi, or 1/100,000,000th of a bitcoin.

Clinch attempts to transform the online gambling market, valued at a $95 billion. The API opens up possibilities for partners, including online casinos, sportsbooks, and competitive gaming platforms, to integrate high-frequency, global wagering without the limitations, high fees, and sluggish processing associated with traditional gaming providers. This also serves as a monetization tool for game developers and other businesses navigating the ever-changing policies of app stores and development platforms.

To showcase the capabilities of Clinch, THNDR has introduced the feature in its portfolio of games, starting with the popular Club Bitcoin: Solitaire. Users can now place wagers in bitcoin on games like Solitaire against friends, with funds paid out instantaneously, thanks to the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Furthermore, THNDR is collaborating with sports betting and gambling companies to expand the Clinch suite of offerings, making high-frequency wagering accessible on a wider scale.

While initial rollout is invite-only, users eager to experience limitless wagering can sign up for the rolling waitlist access. Developers interested in integrating the Clinch API can access documentation and gain access here.