Unchained Debuts Bitcoin-Focused Financial Advisory Services

Sound Advisory / Unchained

Unchained, a leading Bitcoin financial services provider, has launched its new service, Sound Advisory, per a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. This new platform offers registered investment advisor (RIA) services, specifically designed for investors looking to include bitcoin in their portfolios.

The introduction of Sound Advisory comes at a time when there’s a growing interest from investors in BTC. Moreover, there’s a clear gap in the market for financial advisors who specialize in bitcoin.

With Sound Advisory, Unchained seeks to give clients access to financial planners who deeply understand the nuances of bitcoin. These advisors will help clients plan their bitcoin investments, navigate potential tax issues, and set up inheritance plans. The primary goal is to provide clients with a smooth experience in their bitcoin investment journey. Moreover, the company stresses that they prioritize clients’ best interests and always keep legal considerations in mind.

“Sound Advisory reflects the foundational values Unchained is built upon: technical expertise, financial sovereignty, and a relentless commitment to clients’ financial well-being,” said Joe Kelly, co-founder and CEO of Unchained. “Traditional advisors have overlooked bitcoin for too long, and Sound Advisory is here to help solve the many financial planning questions and challenges that bitcoin holders face. As bitcoin and legacy finance continue to intertwine, it’s critical for the industry to offer a bitcoin-native solution for professional financial guidance.”

This year, bitcoin has stood out as a top-performing asset. Current research shows that portfolios with BTC often perform better. This growing interest in bitcoin is leading investors to seek strategies to tap into its benefits while managing the risks. Data suggests that financial advisors can add up to 4% or more to annual portfolio returns. This fact highlights the importance of expert guidance, especially given bitcoin’s known volatility.

Sound Advisory’s team of Certified Financial Planners (CFP®) are ready to offer advice on integrating bitcoin into personalized financial plans. Clients can also benefit from Unchained’s innovative custody technology, ensuring they have full control over their assets. Breaking from traditional models, Sound Advisory introduces a value-for-value fee system, moving away from fees based on portfolio size or net worth.