All Videos from Europe’s Largest Bitcoin Conference Now Available

Europe’s largest Bitcoin conference, Bitcoin Amsterdam, is now accessible to a global audience, as all video from the event has been uploaded to video platforms including YouTubeRumble, and X

Concluding this Friday, the event featured a remarkable lineup of speakers and discussions on Bitcoin and the global freedom movement. 

The second year for the event, organizers estimate nearly 2,500 enthusiasts came from around the world to discuss how Bitcoin is leading to a new age of financial freedom for citizens around the world. 

Key Highlights from Day One include:

Edward Snowden discusses Bitcoin : The renowned whistleblower expressed his excitement about Bitcoin, underscoring the significance of financial privacy and decentralization in an increasingly surveilled world. Reiterating his stance, Snowden emphasized that Bitcoin is positioned to strip power away from authoritarian regimes, further highlighting its potential as a tool for individual empowerment.

Stella Assange addresses WikiLeaks Ordinals protest: The wife of renowned journalist Julian Assange broke her silence on the mysterious project Spartacus, which is attempting to store forever the entire contents of the Afghan War Logs on the Bitcoin blockchain. She went on to argue Bitcoin is opening up a new frontier for freedom via decentralized and immutable publishing. 

Eva Vlaardingerbroek gets orange pilled: New to Bitcoin, the firebrand Dutch political commentator made a massive debut at the event, downloading her first Lightning wallet, receiving her first Bitcoin, and discussing her belief that Bitcoin can be a tool to limit government crackdowns of free speech in the face of the disappearance of cash in her home country.

The conference’s talks and discussions then continued to an action-packed day two..

Key Highlights from Day Two include:

Prince Filip of Serbia: The royal acknowledged Bitcoin as an “open secure protocol akin to the internet” and emphasized its role as a technology for the future, echoing the sentiment of a bright and decentralized financial future.

President of Madeira: The President welcomed all things related to Bitcoin in Madeira, announcing the launch of a Bitcoin business hub aimed at fostering local innovation. This endorsement from regional leadership is a notable development in the cryptocurrency space.

Middle ground found on Ordinals? A fireside with Bitcoin Magazine Editor Pete Rizzo and RGB creator Giacomo Zucco presented a more measured conversation on the protocol, its technical merits, and why some in the Bitcoin community are looking for better ways to verify data using the protocol.

Tickets for Bitcoin Amsterdam 2024 are now on sale