Blockstream Announces BASIC Note Series 2 Launch After Successful $5 Million Series 1 Raise

Blockstream, a global leader in Bitcoin infrastructure, has announced the Series 2 launch for its Bitcoin-denominated investment vehicle, the Blockstream ASIC (BASIC) Note, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. This follows the success of Series 1, which witnessed investor demand exceeding expectations.

The Series 1 phase, initiated in September 2023, saw Blockstream allocate a total of $4.876 million towards procuring Antminer S19k Pro ASIC miners, substantially surpassing the anticipated $5 million target. The choice of these miners, renowned for their efficiency boasting a hashrate of 120 Th/s (23 J/T), aligns with Blockstream’s commitment to acquiring the most efficient equipment within the Bitcoin mining market.

“The strong response to our BASIC Note Series 1 underscores the growing interest in Bitcoin-centric investments,” said Blockstream’s CEO and Co-founder, Dr. Adam Back. “With Series 2, we aim to capitalize on this momentum, offering non-US investors a strategic entry point into the Bitcoin ASIC market through a bitcoin-basis product. Our focus on efficient miner acquisition and strong industry relationships positions us uniquely for the upcoming 2024 halving and beyond.”

Blockstream’s partnerships from Series 1 continue in Series 2, notably with Luxembourg-based STOKR, a leading digital securities platform, with an aim to specifically target qualified non-US investors. The company’s focus on securing the most efficient miners sets the stage for the impending 2024 halving, aiming to give a strategic advantage for investors.

According to the release, the ASIC price ratio remains compelling for Series 2, with prices below typical direct manufacturer pre-order rates per TH in standard market conditions. Blockstream’s strong rapport within the Bitcoin mining ecosystem, particularly with key ASIC producers and brokers like Sunnyside Digital, allowed them to facilitate considerable savings on their machine acquisitions.

While the precise financial target for Series 2 remains undisclosed, Blockstream encourages non-US investors interested in the BASIC Note Series 2 to register their interest for more detailed information.

More information about the BASIC Note series can also be found here.