Cash App Releases Its First Ever Bitcoin Focused Magazine

In an era desperate for financial literacy, Cash App has taken a “kneaded” step with the launch of “BREAD,” a free zine that fuses financial education with culture. The inaugural issue, aptly titled the “Bitcoin Issue,” promises to demystify the world and culture of Bitcoin, and hopefully reshape public perceptions. With a strong team of influential artists and writers, including Allison Davis, Richard Turley, and Daisuke, BREAD aims to make money more relatable and accessible to a diverse audience.

At the heart of BREAD’s mission is a commitment to transforming the often intimidating world of finance and Bitcoin into a realm that resonates with everyday people. By merging financial education with cultural insights, BREAD seeks to break down barriers and make complex concepts, such as Bitcoin, more approachable. The zine’s debut issue takes on the challenge of separating the wheat from the chaff in Bitcoin, offering readers a fresh and purposefully inclusive perspective on this increasingly influential asset.

The “Bitcoin Issue” offers readers a visual gluten-filled feast to complement the zine’s educational content, with design hoping to elevate the reader’s experience, ensuring that BREAD is not just informative but also visually engaging.

The “Bitcoin Issue” of BREAD made its debut on December 7, with physical copies available in select stores across major U.S. cities. However, recognizing the global interest in financial education and cultural exploration, Cash App has also made the zine accessible online. This online platform allows readers worldwide to preview the zine and order a free print copy.

As the inaugural “Bitcoin Issue” begins to rise, BREAD intends to set the stage for a new era where financial literacy is not only accessible but also an integral part of our cultural conversation.

To check out BREAD’s “Bitcoin Issue”, visit their website here