Dogecoin Influencer Predicts When DOGE Payments Will Debut On X

Dogecoin influencer, Mishaboar has predicted the timeline for Dogecoin’s native token, DOGE to be integrated into Elon Musk’s X Payments. The developer has highlighted key phases and plans that must be accomplished before cryptocurrency payments are potentially added on X.  

Developer Forecasts Dogecoin in X Payments Within 5 Years

In a recent X (formerly Twitter) post released on Thursday, March 28, Mishaboar forecasted the introduction of Dogecoin into X Payments in the coming years. The developer anticipates that Dogecoin payments could be potentially introduced into X within five years.

During discussions about forthcoming developments set for X Payments, Mishaboar addressed a member of the crypto community who suggested that the implementation of crypto payments into X may take up to five years. Countering the statement, Mishaboar expressed anticipation for the integration of crypto payments on X  “much earlier than that.” 

The Dogecoin developer has anchored his predictions on the growing adoption and approval of cryptocurrencies in global payment systems. According to Mishaboar, world-leading payment services like PayPal are already supporting cryptocurrencies, suggesting a strong possibility for X payments to follow suit and integrate cryptocurrencies in the near future. 

In projecting DOGE payments on X before five years, Mishaboar has also tempered expectations by predicting that the integration is unlikely to occur as early as next year. While these forecasts have further piqued the heightened anticipation within the crypto community, it’s important to note that they remain speculative. No official statements have been issued by Musk confirming the integration of Dogecoin or any other cryptocurrency into X Payments. 

Key Developmental Phases Set For X Payments

In his post, Mishaboar revealed that there were still several developments planned for X Payments before the project launches officially. The developer underscored a statement made by Musk last year, in which the SpaceX CEO indicated that the first phase of X Payments would focus on introducing fiat currencies, rather than cryptocurrencies. 

The crypto developer has stated that potentially introducing cryptocurrency into X Payments would be a step-by-step process, emphasizing the importance of obtaining key licenses and meeting regulatory requirements before launching a payments service on X.  

Recently, Musk disclosed that X Payments had secured money transmitter licenses across three regions in the United States. The Tesla CEO has noted that X is getting closer to winning another money transmitter license in California. Achieving this milestone would mark another significant step towards advancing the potential launch of X Payments.