El Salvador Launches Education Program To Teach Bitcoin In Every School

El Salvador, the first nation to officially adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, is once again making headlines in the world of cryptocurrency. With the combined efforts of My First Bitcoin, Bitcoin Beach, and the Ministry of Education, the nation announced the inception of an ambitious pilot program today. This initiative aims to incorporate Bitcoin education in all schools across the country by 2024.

Initiated on the 2-year mark of the groundbreaking Bitcoin Law, this program is set to train 150 public school teachers about Bitcoin. After receiving their training, these educators will disperse across the nation, integrating Bitcoin knowledge into their respective curriculum and classrooms.

The key player, My First Bitcoin, is a non-profit and Bitcoin education-focused NGO rooted in El Salvador. Having imparted Bitcoin education to over 25,000 in-person students since 2021, they have shown an unwavering commitment to enlightening the masses about this digital currency. Their comprehensive 10-week Bitcoin Diploma is now in its 5th edition, which the Ministry of Education adopted as foundational material to structure the country’s curriculum.

The success of Bitcoin Beach, a pioneering project that fosters a Bitcoin circular economy, played a pivotal role in El Salvador’s decision to recognize Bitcoin as legal tender. Their invaluable contributions span from facilitating trainings to funding the printing of educational material.

Another crucial supporter, The Bitcoin Office, is a governmental entity birthed in El Salvador. Their continuous dedication ensured the triumphant realization of this project. Their alliance with Cubo further highlights their commitment to not only mainstream Bitcoin education but also to promote elite developer programs.

With a clear vision, My First Bitcoin was established with dual aspirations: to position El Salvador as a global front-runner in Bitcoin education and to make the country a beacon of inspiration for the world. 

As the Ministry of Education embarks on this novel journey, the global community is undoubtedly watching with keen interest. The impact of My First Bitcoin has already rippled beyond El Salvador’s borders. Collaborating with grassroots projects in over 20 countries, they have generously shared their open-source resources and best practices. Their influence is also evident in early dialogues with two Latin American governments, which are considering large-scale Bitcoin education programs.

El Salvador’s pioneering spirit and dedicated partners are shaping the future of Bitcoin education, fostering a generation that is well-versed with the world’s most renowned cryptocurrency. The nation stands as a testament to what’s possible when innovation meets education.