Foundry Academy Launches Training Program to Produce Top Technicians for BTC Mining Industry

Foundry Digital, a digital asset mining and a staking-focused subsidiary of Digital Asset Group, has announced the launch of a new bitcoin mining hardware training program. The training course, which is expected to commence on Nov. 7, is expected to help professionals and enthusiasts learn how to set up a miner as well as to identify and solve common hardware failures.

‘In-Person Classes’ to Be Conducted by Industry Players

Foundry Digital, a subsidiary of Digital Asset Group (DCG), has announced the launch of a new training course for individuals seeking to further “their education in the areas of installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of bitcoin mining machines.” The three-day training program seeks to produce top technicians for what has been described as “the fast-growing mining industry.”

According to Foundry Digital’s Nov. 3, 2022 press statement, the training program, which includes “in-person classes” conducted by players in the industry, will cover topics such as setting up an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) mining machine. The program, which commences on Nov. 7, will also involve helping the learners identify and solve regular hardware failures.

Helping Learners Gain ‘Valuable Technical Skills’

Remarking on the training program’s launch, Craig Ross, the executive director of Foundry Academy, praised the training course which he described as an “opportunity to gain valuable technical skills” quickly. He said:

Foundry Academy’s curriculum remains on the leading edge of industry standards, with this new program designed in response to direct requests from the mining community. The 3-Day Mining Intensive provides enthusiasts and industry professionals the opportunity to gain valuable technical skills on an accelerated timeline.

As per the statement, Foundry Academy, which is expected to spearhead the training activities, will do so on behalf of Foundry Digital, which also owns the largest bitcoin mining pool, Foundry USA.

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