From Crypto To Gangster? SBF’s First Photo In Jail Comes To Light

Following his conviction from a US court, the founder of crypto exchange FTX, Sam Bankman Fried (SBF), has been spending his days in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC). The crypto mogul, one of the wealthiest individuals on earth, exchanged luxury penthouses for a prison cell.

The crypto founder was found guilty of all seven charges after co-mingling his clients’ funds with that of his trading arm, Alameda Research. Billions of dollars were lost, which led SBF to jail. However, only now do his victims and the public get a glimpse into his life in prison.

SBF’s Life In Prison: Inmate Reveals Details

Tiffany Fong shared a picture of the founder in jail on her social media handle, allegedly the first since SBF’s conviction. As seen in the image below, reportedly taken on December 17, 2023, SBF is seen with 5 other inmates.

In a separate post, Fong explained the source of the photos might be coming from one of the inmates serving time with SBF. Fong claims this might be the only picture showing SBF in jail for a while due to the difficulty of taking photographs in court and inside the MDC.

Fong added that the inmates’ faces were covered to protect their identities. All except for SBF and another inmate called “G-Lock.”

This individual agreed to an interview with Fong where he might reveal more of SBF and his life behind bars. Fong already shared some details, such as:

(SBF) looks a little bit out of place, and he has obviously lost some weight. I heard that he is not showering very much. He is not as clean-shaven as he used to be, but he is obviously going through a lot right now.

G-Lock also spoke about SBF’s character, classifying the crypto founder as a “real Gangster” because he decided not to “snitch on anyone.”

Swaps Crypto To Fish Trading?

Bitcoinist has been covering the events leading to the FTX downfall, the SBF trial, and some of his activities behind bars. Three months ago, a report surfaced about SBF’s new trading interest in a currency called mackerel.

The inmates use this specific food item in exchange for other items or benefits. Besides, from this report, not much has come to light regarding SBF’s time in prison. The interview with G-Lock and Fong will likely provide further details about the founder’s lifestyle and well-being.

Cover image from Dall-E, chart from Tradingview