New Research Center Opens In Serbia’s Capital To Drive Bitcoin Innovation

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, welcomes the inception of HUB21, a pioneering non-profit association dedicated to education, fostering research, and creating networking avenues within the global Bitcoin design and development ecosystem, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. The association’s launch aims to bridge the gap in understanding and participation in Bitcoin within Serbia’s burgeoning IT landscape.

Belgrade, known for its cultural vibrancy and historical innovation, is poised to attract foreign professionals, investors, and creative minds to engage with HUB21. While Serbia boasts a wealth of IT talent and has attracted international corporations, the absence of Bitcoin projects is apparent. Recognizing the transformative power of Bitcoin, HUB21 aims to train more aspiring programmers, artists, designers, and entrepreneurs to capitalize on the evolving interest in Bitcoin.

HUB21’s agenda involves providing educational resources in Serbian, hosting regular meetups, workshops, seminars, and creating an inclusive space for industry novices and experts alike. The association’s vision extends towards empowering local talent across various sectors to leverage Bitcoin and foster their initiatives.

Startups and PeakShift have played pivotal roles in realizing HUB21’s vision and by giving their support. The launch of HUB21’s website offers a gateway to a diverse range of upcoming events, which can be viewed here.