Pro-XRP Attorney Deaton’s Potential Candidacy Worries Sen. Warren

US Senator Elizabeth Warren is reportedly mobilizing her donor base in response to the potential candidacy of pro-XRP attorney John E. Deaton, a staunch crypto advocate, for her Massachusetts Senate seat. This development, first reported by Fox Business journalist Eleanor Terrett via X (formerly Twitter), signifies a notable escalation in the clash between crypto proponents and critics.

Warren Is Worried About Deaton

Terrett’s report sheds light on an email from Warren’s campaign that directly references a Boston Globe article speculating on Deaton’s possible challenge in the upcoming election. “In an email sent to me by a source who received it, Warren directly addresses the Boston Globe report speculating that John E Deaton1 will run against her in this year’s election,” Terrett revealed.

While Deaton has yet to confirm his candidacy, the tone of Warren’s email betrays a sense of urgency and concern. Terrett remarks, “Warren says she’s not worried but her tone tells a different story as she stresses that the crypto lobby has put a target on her back for trying to get the industry to comply with regulations and protect consumers from scams.”

Warren’s email highlights her perspective on the pro-XRP lawyer’s candidacy, “New reporting from the Boston Globe indicates I officially have a Republican challenger considering running against me for Senate in Massachusetts — a guy who just recently moved here, is prepared to kickstart his campaign with $500,000 of his own money, and has been a big cheerleader for crypto interests.”

The email further claims that the crypto industry is targeting her: “Ever since I began speaking out about protecting consumers from crypto scams and making that industry follow the same basic regulations as banks and all other financial institutions, the crypto lobby has put a target on my back.” This statement underscores Warren’s view of the crypto industry as a powerful adversary, fueled by special interests and poised to challenge her re-election efforts.

Ultimately, Warren is therefore asking for further donations to strengthen her campaign while emphasizing her strength. “Look, I’m not afraid, but this now means we need to prepare to compete against funding from powerful special interests, Wall Street, and the GOP. So can you please rush a donation of $28 or anything you can to my re-election campaign so I can keep fighting in the Senate?”

Pro-XRP Lawyer Deaton Still Needs To Confirm His Candidacy

The Boston Globe’s coverage, as Pro-XRP Lawyer Deaton ‘Seriously Considers’ Run Against Senator Warren by Bitcoinist, indicates that GOP insiders believe Deaton is giving serious consideration to the race. Republican strategist Jim Conroy was quoted, reinforcing the notion of Deaton’s significant interest: “Deaton is seriously considering running as a Republican in this year’s US Senate race against Democrat Elizabeth Warren.”

This acknowledgment from within GOP circles suggests a strategic alignment behind Deaton, positioning him as a key figure in the broader debate over cryptocurrency regulation and its place in the financial system.

Further adding to the discourse, a conversation on X between Terrett and Deaton hinted at the latter’s political ambitions, with Terrett suggesting, “My spidey senses tell me there’s a battle brewing. John E Deaton says in his latest Crypto Law video: ‘I’m a marine, I’m going to go where the fight is needed the most.’”

Deaton’s response, emphasizing his deep connections to Massachusetts, served to fuel speculation about his readiness to engage in a political contest that could have far-reaching implications for the crypto industry and regulatory policy.

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