Educational Project For Private Bitcoin Transactions Has Officially Launched

Today, Thibaud Marechal and Gustavo Flores announced the launch of, an open-source project focusing on educating Bitcoin users on the privacy functionality of collaborative transactions, per a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. 

Born from the observation of heated discussions surrounding popular iterations of coinjoin tooling, aims to bring clarity to the differing benefits and tradeoffs that come from each project.

“We hope that can open new conversations around privacy and Bitcoin. P2P exchanges, self-custody and coinjoins will be essential for the Bitcoin circular economy to flourish,” said Thibaud Marechal, a long time privacy advocate and current Wasabi Wallet contributor. 

Marechal expressed the need for more articulate resources in order to encourage proper use of collaborative, non-custodial transactions, increasing the potential anonymity set for Bitcoin users. “We need less paper bitcoin on exchanges and more coinjoined bitcoin into cold storage,” he continued.

Bitcoin is an open ledger, with all of its transactions inscribed in perpetuity since genesis within its confirmed blocks. Being a public database allows each user to validate their own transactions and even audit the total issued supply of bitcoin. 

Naturally, there are obvious privacy implications from this transparent blockchain, and thus privacy on Bitcoin functions as a team sport. Payers and receivers that utilize the censorship resistant quality of the Nakamoto Consensus can both benefit from coinjoins, protecting users from unnecessarily leaking personal or financial information simply when bargaining with satoshis. Privacy is a personal responsibility with social implications. The larger the crowd, the better your privacy.

“I believe has the potential to become an unbiased source of truth on the topic of Bitcoin privacy that will finally dispel a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt,” says Flores, contributor to Wasabi Wallet. The project plans to release studies comparing popular privacy wallets, such as Samourai Wallet, JoinMarket and Wasabi Wallet.

Alongside the debut of the project’s website, the founders of are soliciting contributions, ideas, and general feedback to [email protected]